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Characteristics of Various Plush Fabric For Sofa

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The Plush Fabric For Sofa(ROUROUROU) is actually a general term. In the wool, it is also divided into two categories: "pure wool fabric" and "wool blend fabric". There are several other types in the two categories. Nowadays, many merchants deliberately wear the void, so that the general title is that the average customer thinks that "wool" is equal to "pure wool worsted fabric".

A pure wool worsted fabric: most of the texture is thin, the surface is smooth, and the lines are clear. The luster is naturally soft and has a smooth glow. The body is crisp, soft and flexible. After loosening the material, it is loosened and has no wrinkles. Even if there is a slight crease, it can disappear in a short time.

Two pure wool woollen fabrics; that is, the wool type produced by the company, the tops fed woollen wool, but not necessarily pure wool, most of which are wool nitrile, wool polyester, including mohair, bamboo fiber, cotton and other materials. Blended fabric. Most of the texture is thick, the face is full, the shade is soft and the light is full. The noodles and suede are not exposed. The textured weave is clear and rich. Gentle, firm and flexible.

Three wool and polyester blended fabrics: there are glittering spots on the surface of the sun, lacking the soft and soft feel of pure wool fabric. Wool polyester (polyester). The fabric is crisp but has a hard texture and is marked by the increase in polyester content. Elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but it is not as good as pure wool and wool blended fabric. After loosening the material, it is loosened and has almost no creases.

Four wool and viscose blended fabrics: the gloss is dim. The worsted type feels weaker, while the woollen type feels loose. These fabrics are less elastic and stiffer than pure wool and wool polyester and wool blended fabrics. If the viscose content is high, the fabric is easily wrinkled. In addition, there is now a "purified fiber-like fabric", which is also very similar to "wool", so be sure to watch it carefully when you buy it.

The wool-like fabric made of viscose and artificial wool fiber has a dull luster and a weak hand feel, which lacks a sense of rigidity. Due to the poor elasticity, it is easy to wrinkle and is not easy to fade. The strength of the yarn drawn from the fabric after wet water is significantly lower than that in the dry state, which is a method for identifying viscose-like fabrics. In addition, such wool-like fabrics become hard and thick after being wetted.

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