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What is the actual situation of modern physical dolls?

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Knowledge Explanation | What is the actual situation of modern physical dolls?

When Craig Grisper romanticized Lars and the physical doll Bianca in "The Love of Inflatable Dolls", it shocked not only the audience in front of the screen, but also the whole world. However, in the past 5 years, physical dolls have become more and more common in society-especially with the rise of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, let us understand the real sex doll, which is a new trend in technology.

Bezlya real doll

What is an adult sex doll?

Real dolls are similar to adult toys. Although many dolls can be scaled, there are also smaller dolls or just key parts of the human body.

Mini Love Doll has a long history, dating back to the last century, and includes an absurd urban legend, which is said to have been designed by the Nazis to satisfy their soldiers during the war. These "intimate partners" have appeared in movies (such as "Air Dolls" and "Cold Love Era").

Some are simple rag dolls, some are inflatable, and some are equipped with AI technology to make them more responsive and lifelike. The application range of physical dolls is very wide, from the adult function at the beginning of the design, to filming and television drama shooting, to receiving and welcoming guests and so on.

Bezlya real dolls

Do people really buy life-size sex dolls?

Although it is difficult to find research that clearly confirms this, the short answer is: Yes! From Europe and America to the Asia-Pacific region, Cheap Silicone Sex Dolls are popular all over the world.

A documentary about the use of love dolls shows that in 2017, the Japanese company Dutch Wives sold about 2,000 dolls. In 2018, a real doll experience store will open in Toronto, with an experience price of approximately US$80. However, due to some strong opposition, it was closed a week before the opening. There were 200 bookings at the time of closure, and almost a third were from couples or single men.

This is because physical dolls solve a very common problem: they cannot get along with real people in real life. These dolls fulfilled the fantasy and allowed their "partners" to explore themselves without judgment or fear.

Bezlya sex doll

How real are real dolls?

You may be wondering whether "real" dolls can really replace real people, or if they are just pale imitations, but the gap is rapidly narrowing.

There are such realistic dolls on the market today that they are actually similar to real humans. Some of these dolls are equipped with artificial intelligence.

Are there any love dolls for men and women?

So far, female physical dolls are more common than male physical dolls. However, this does not mean that women are not interested in physical dolls. In fact, a foreign study found that 44% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have considered buying.

Male adult dolls are close to the top three in the category, but Sulrebor is trying to diversify its products through male selection.

Bezlya sex dolls for Sale

What is the physical doll made of?

Plastic inflatable dolls are different. Today's physical dolls are usually made of silicone/TPE that is safe for the human body. They are soft to the touch and easy to clean.

What features are you looking for in physical dolls?

The truth about Fat Sex Dolls is that they were actually created for your entertainment. You can find physical dolls of various sizes, shapes and skin tones. Some even let you customize everything, including eyes and hairstyles! So, in terms of functionality, everything depends on what you want.

Do I need to assemble a real doll? The love dolls currently on the market are generally all-in-one. Except for some important parts, they are actually plug-and-play. Of course, you should clean them thoroughly before use.

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