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What are the benefits of regularly cleaning and refitting the throttle valve of natural gas vehicles?

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The throttle is the valve that adjusts the air intake of the engine, and the mechanism that adjusts it is the throttle. The deeper the throttle is stepped on, the greater the throttle opening will be. The more the engine intake, the more complete the combustion of oil and gas, and the stronger the power.

Effectively remove the carbon deposits and colloidal substances attached to the combustion chamber, throttle valve, and intake manifold, so that the oil-gas mixture ratio is completely restored. Improve combustion, reduce fuel consumption, increase the effective power of the engine, and wait for the speed to be stable. It is harmless to sensors and three-way catalysis and has no corrosion to metals and rubber and plastic products. An effective protective film is produced inside the air intake system to ensure the normal operation of all parts and reduce fuel consumption.

Regularly cleaning and refitting the throttle valve of natural gas vehicles has the following 6 major functions:

1. It can effectively clean and dredge the colloidal substance and carbon deposits of the fuel injector and maintain the cleanliness of the fuel system.

2. Reduce exhaust gas emissions, save fuel, and effectively protect oxygen sensors and three-way catalytic conversion equipment.

3. It can help prevent symptoms such as knocking, stalling at idle, and poor speed increase caused by colloidal substances and carbon deposits.

4. It can eliminate the carbon deposit on the valve seat, lubricate the valve and valve guide, improve the seal, restore the cylinder pressure, and increase the power.

5. It can remove the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, lubricate the upper area of the cylinder, reduce the wear of the piston ring, and prolong the service life.

6. It is helpful to the frustration and flameout of oil-to-gas vehicles.

Jiaxing Lineng Autogas Equipment Co., Ltd., as a professional CNG LPG ECU exporter, reminds you that regular throttle cleaning is very important and cannot be ignored. If you have requirements for our CNG Regulator and other parts, you can click on the link or send an email to get in touch with us.

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