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DH0952-001 Nike Dunk Low "FREE.99" will officially debut this summer

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The Nike Dunk Low "Free 99" set that has been exposed many times, this time ushered in the latest physical beauty again, and it is two pairs of shoes, brought to us by the sneaker exposing account @New Jordan 2020, let's take a look. The black version, the background color is presented in black, with lemon yellow, bright green, light pink and lake blue tones stitched together, the eye-catching is bursting. The white shoe upper is based on white, with high saturation tones such as blue, green, yellow and red. Both pairs of shoes are presented with an asymmetric mandarin duck design, which makes the shoes extremely attractive. The shaping of high-quality leather and plant tongues, coupled with exquisite logo embroidery, shows the extraordinary texture and specifications of the shoes. In addition, the "Free 99" label on the shoe insole is quite eye-catching, highlighting the design theme.
Retro Jordan 2021,Unlike the released version, this multi-tone figure combines a pure black panel with a variety of Easter-friendly pastels. The concealed tone is responsible for wrapping the lower limbs, tongue, toe box, ankle collar and elevated heel part, as well as the branding on the upper part of the tongue and the back. From there, the light green, pink, blue and yellow accents make the performance stand out and tip over in an asymmetrical way on the forefoot/heel overlay, eyelids, tongue tabs and collar lining. In response to its free inspiration, the insoles of these Nike Sportswear insoles are printed with fluorescent orange and green and other clearly visible "Free.99" labels.
Cheap Jordans UK, Nike Dunk Low SE'Free.99' uses mismatched color blocking for old-fashioned basketball shoes turned into streetwear staples. Both the left and right shoes have a black leather bottom lining on the upper, and are supported by a refreshing white midsole and a light orange rubber outsole. Although the overlays on each shoe are arranged in an asymmetrical manner, they are drawn from the soft tones of powder blue, pink, yellow and green lines. The customized insole displays the "Free.99" price tag. "Black" laid the foundation for these two kinds of sneakers, but the soft tones between green, blue, yellow and pink are interchanged between the two. The thickly contoured tongue and the Dunks, which highlights the brand image, give a certain sense of unity with the "dark chocolate" makeup; the only unit has the same function as the combination of white and light tan. Finally, the sock lining has a price tag graphic with a series of tones, marking the shoe as "FREE.99".

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