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I've got a black character in certain games.

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Hell, I only play Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells with a female character in matches if I can. I am a dude every single day of my life and occasionally I want a little variety, perhaps I wanna see a badass, take no shit woman in my matches rather than a basic ass dude yet again. Seriously can't understand why people want to gatekeep how a person enjoys their video games/ttrpgs/whatever when its a form of escapism from real life, let me do my thing and have fun!

Who says you've got to vainly create your villager look like you?? Perhaps this woman has a tan?? Maybe this girl INSTEAD designed her villager to be self invented or maybe a comic?Lmao, are there individuals who think playing a black personality is blackface? Better remove diversity from matches then

They'd absolutely tear that match apart if it came out now and would demand the team at Rockstar diversify and include much more black voices. The game is written by a bunch of Scottish people and it's based not on the actual world but what they've seen in movies about LA.In fallout 3 being a girl is actually better. In that game if a female you can get the Black widow perk. This does 10% more damage toward male enemies. You will find far more male enemies in fallout 3 compared to feminine ones.

I've got a black character in certain games. I have an asian character in certain games. What does it matter I create a character that doesn't look exactly like me, doing that is fucking boring when you do it over and over again.So if you're white and you refuse to play as a black character, you are racist, but if you're white and you dare to play as a black antique furniture animal crossing new horizons character, you are also racist? These individuals do not even understand what they're fighting for.

asked Jan 27 in hair by Sunxuemei (260 points)  

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