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The principal issue with sports games is that they will always find a casual audience

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God knows they've got deep pockets. Meanwhile, I don't believe that they deserve some woke tokens for just not releasing a trailer. Because the majority eventually decided LGBT stuff was okay? But that rather makes the"solidarity" feel a bit hollow, no? Is it really something"good" if it is so secure for them to do? What? What part of this can be"great"? It's not a statement. It is not even an activity - it is the lack of one. It is as inconsequential because it gets - that Mut 21 coins I guess is why it might cause some criticism, since it's a marketing ploy. And it's worked flawlessly, since we are discussing it. Although I do agree that the Tweeted announcement is quite great.We was dull lol. A normal story at best. Only hyped because games are not used to getting good story telling the majority of the time. It is because there's no competition, if there was an alternative company that produced these sports matches then maybe EA would actually attempt to get something. It is mainly due to FP. If people only purchased the match afterward revenue would plummet, forcing them to repair the issues. As it stands they don't have any reason to mend them financially. Hopefully next year, with pes switching to unreal engine it'll definitely be better than frostbite. PES will not be competitive because EA has more of the league and club permits than Konami does.

That's not the problem. Problem is the sport modes are not fun. That's the major problem, PES plays fairly good but there's fuck all to perform it and their UT isn't the most user friendly. Even though EA are dreadful, I truly expect FIFA isn't as dreadful as madden is this season. . I doubt it will happen so suddenly. I believe a change inside EA would be better because they own a number of franchises of matches, and it would be amazing when they just started putting the customer at first location. But hey, like that's ever likely to happen. God Madden is so bad. I do not even have the sport but have played it on friends' systems and spoke with MUT players. If individuals believe FIFA is a bastardization of football, Madden is even worse. I used to have Madden 05 and it was a great game to play. Truly a shame what has happened to sports games. Really a shame what's happened to sports matches.

The principal issue with sports games is that buy Madden 21 coins they will always find a casual audience who do not care about the best team stuff. So what happens is that the hardcore audience is left dealing with exploitive ultimate group practices with no end in sight because developers have little incentive to modify their games. If you attempt something similar to this in an fps or a big aaa single player game, customers will fine a contest and give that game their business. Never played with any 2k soccer games but I've heard that NFL 2K5 is the best soccer game ever. That is why I am waiting for FIFA 22 on another gen. That's when we will see change/improvements like we watched FIFA 15.


asked Nov 21 in hair by Megaomgchen (2,460 points)  

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