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Disney revealed it would redesign the iconic log ride

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The non-competitive free-to-enter community event will see participants set off on a bike ride along two distinct routes — with the longer route including the city’s main artery passing a number of the city’s iconic buildings.The fun ride is open to participants as young as five years old while the 14-km open ride is designed to motivate cycling enthusiasts aged 13 years or older. Participants can cycle at their own pace and register for either of the two routes at their nominated check-in time. People of determination can also participate in either route and should email ambassadors@linkviva.com to arrange their entry

Deemed highly controversial for toting racist depictions of African Americans and glossing over the topic of slavery Disney has kept Song of the South tucked away and refused to release the film as part of the Disney+ catalog. Earlier this year Disney revealed it would redesign the iconic log ride and that The Princess and the Frog film would be the new theme for the attraction. One original cast member from Splash Mountain weighs in on the controversy surrounding the ride for decades.z2u.com provides Cheap Short Ride Money for players

“Unfortunately I have heard from too many patients now how have opted out of ambulances and taking Ubers,” she said.8News is digging into surprise ambulance bills. When one Hanover family’s baby needed a specialist the doctor called for an ambulance to transport the child to another hospital but now that That short transport ended up costing thousands of dollars. In additon to taking you through that family’s story we’ll look at what’s driving up the cost of ambulance bills and what you can do about it. Tune in tonight at 6 p.m. on 8News. 

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