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Graphic card for OSRS

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So I have the Helios 300 using all the 1060 and RuneScape gold this thing plays anything I can throw at it match wise. I would think you would be fine using the Nitro but I have never completed Twitch streaming. Have you used as you play, any apps that record? Someone had sent me a chunk of them murdering me and I had inquired what they used and it was a kind of Nivida applications, but could save the past like 30 sec or anything like that.I think there is built in software with this Helios 300 that can do that, but I have never done anything with it. Sorry I could not be more help.

I have been reading thru some of the gaming notebook communities and keep seeing individuals meantipning the Acer Nirto 5 and have yet to see a bad.review on it. The majority of them seem to be people being amazed with it... so I am kinda leaning towards it. Plus it is the only one k can find with the specs I need for under $1,000. usd. Cause like I said, I'm only testing the waters with the entire streaming item, and $880.39 after taxes and shit is still quite an investment to get a laptop.There is a recent article on this subreddit about a dell gaming laptop with a 2060 to get 979$ that I think is a very solid price for an RTX card.

1 thing that I despise with recent nvidia cards is the naming scheme and also my biggest question mark is the existence of the GTX 1650. But the ti is obviously better. However, if price is a concern I would advise looking for a bargain on rtx 2060 notebook like that dell. True have you looked? Like all of that stuff, Webcam and a Mic? I wouldn't mind doing that myself particularly with all the new notebook I've coming.

Graphic card for Cheap RS gold


asked Sep 11 in lifestyle by Smarthuiyuan (520 points)  

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