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Is your multiplayer challenges.

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Obviously that's not gon na na be the name but I can not think of anything at the moment so I will just call it that. So it is like unlimited is appropriate today minus better rewards, the 12-0 players, and a bonus. The salary cap may operate two ways. First manner, players are given a wages by NBA 2K21 MT Coins when they release their salary is then updated by the card during the year. When 2K is too lazy to perform the way, way that's is providing a salary to tiers of cards. I can't say exactly what the salary of the card tiers would be now as cards and teams get 30, since it would need to have updated throughout the year. The way they were doing with super max before didn't work because people could have god squads because people aren't currently gon na have the best players therefore the usage rate of their god players were down significance their wages was reduced.

You get like it's 22, 12 games daily in your document and this mode will not reset after one month. The rewards of this mode would be tokens mt and packs. My rewards will be win: base league pack 1 token to 500 mt. 2 wins base warmth check pack 800 mt 3 tokens. 3 wins Conventional league pack 5 tokens to 1200 mt. 4 wins Standard heat test pack 1500 mt 7 tokens. League pack is won by 5. 6 wins warmth check that is deluxe package 13 tokens to 2300 mt. 7 wins: 3000 mt 16 tokens and a voucher pack when they are out (flash, prime etc) 8 wins: 3300 mt 19 tokens along with a voucher pack when they come out.

You draft a group of 13 players and then play them for as much as 5 matches. You get rewards for the more wins you receive 1-5. You receive 2 losses before your record resets and you need to redraft a group. The draft works like this. You first pick a starting place which will become your captain such as 2K mt central in which you have increased likelihood of becoming better players. You get a pg package Sg package etc with among these having increased odds (the captain) and then a backup pg pack backup Sg pack etc with decreased chances. There's 3 packs in the end with players with odds that perform with any position. Packs play that position however, it does not have to be their position. You get a choice between 3 players, when you start the pack, and you also may see the cards stats elevation from that page.

Is your multiplayer challenges. Rather than the way that it's right now I think that it should be actual nba games like the 2011 nba finals where you get to pick a team and you play with a team together with the my team cards from that team like what the pc gets to do in struggles. It is also possible to have teams that won my team tournaments, for example you can play when they had that for 2K21 as the two teams that played in the $250000 my team tournament's championship.The pg for my rec group has had multiple 10+ slip matches on his minute wingspan playmaking shot creator that has a sub 70 steal rating. That way the move would be to a person from the pg. It's the ideal method to prevent steals and it is incredibly boring for 8 out of the 10 players. The court dimensions also don't allow for spacing.

This is probably the most controversial one among the, and I blame it partially on YouTubers and this"grinding" culture. Yes, they are grinding by enjoying a video game since that is the way they make money. But somehow the rest of us bought into this concept that a game should be a grind rather than, idk, fun? I have been called lazy for not wanted to badges. For not playing video games, LAZY? I argue that it's costing 2K cash because why purchase when you have to grind badges VC for a new construct? 2K should eliminate all of MT for sale 2K21 the badges that are just characteristics in disguise (which are the vast majority). Rebound chaser, rim shield, select pocket, unpluckablehandles, take and catch, touch finisher, the list goes on. Bring back feature ratings like shot mid threes, boxout, touch dip, ect.

asked Aug 27 in where to go by Dingbest (320 points)  

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