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Ryu Hyun-jin records third place in MLB... "No impact on AL transfers." Why?

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Ryu Hyun-jin (33), who signed a four-year, $80 million FA contract with Toronto ahead of the season, is gradually reaching the top. We still have to wait and see a few more games, but positive records are also noticeable. The hitters have not been able to properly hit Ryu's ball entering the strike zone.

The U.S. statistics website "Fan Graph" covered the "Z-Contact" ratio of Major League Baseball pitchers this season based on the record of 13 days (Korea time) on the 13th (Korean time) It is a record of how much batters contact the ball that came into the strike zone, and Ryu ranked third in the league with 74.7 percent.

The contact ratio of balls falling outside the strike zone, or many of the manned ball, is bound to fall. Instead, the ratio of bats is small. In addition, the pitcher must ultimately hit the strike zone to get a favorable count and get good results. For this reason, pitchers with a good "Z-Contact" 스포츠토토 ratio generally perform well, and if they analyze hopefully, they can expect good results in the future.

In fact, Lewis Castillo (69.9 percent), who throws a formidable change-up, and Max Schwarzer (71.4 percent), the top MLB pitcher. Top 7 top-notch pitchers such as Yu Darvish (Chicago Cubs, 75.7%), Jacob Digrom (New York Mets, 75.9%), and Sony Gray (Cincinati, 76.9%).

For this reason, "Fan graph" pointed out that Ryu is somewhat unlucky. This is because the gap between the record and the ERA is greater than the aforementioned players. The "fan graph" analyzed that this may be the cause of temporary difficulty in ball control. "We moved to the American League and a new country (meaning Canada), but it didn't affect Ryu at all," the media said, hinting that the transfer to the American League is not a problem.

He went on to say, "Maybe, except for his own ballpark. It has been strangely bad so far," he said. Analysts say that the recent ball control in the game is a temporary problem and that it will slowly reach the top. "He is throwing fewer four-seam fastballs, and this may be the most important reason for the improvement of his 'Z-Contact' ratio," he also said, raising speculation that Ryu's two-seam fastballs are making contact with hitters more difficult.

Ryu has pitched 20 innings in four games this season, with one win and one loss with a 4.05 ERA. The content and results of the first two games were obviously not good, but in the last two games, one run in 11 innings was good. The flaw is that the number of walks decreased compared to the previous year, but if he finds a normal command, he will be able to hit the strike zone with more confidence. Some predict that they will be more expected to make a comeback in the future as they have overcome a crisis.

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