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What to pay attention to when disassembling cardan shaft

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1. Remove the 5-7126X 6H2577 universal joint half shaft locking nut.

2. Support the car on the lift and lift the car to an appropriate height.

3. Loosen the six fixing bolts of the inner ball cage.

4. Remove the control arm ball head from the steering knuckle.

5. Remove the half shaft from one side of the outer ball cage. When removing, avoid damaging the dust cover of the half shaft.

6. Disassemble the half shaft and the ball cage: the first step is to loosen the clamps on both sides of the ball cage dust cover, remove the ball cage dust cover and check whether the dust cover is damaged or aging; the second step, remove Circlip, the circlip is installed on the outside of the cage, use the external circlip pliers to expand the circlip to remove the outer cage; the third step, the circlip is installed on the inside of the cage, hit the outer race of the cage with a hammer, Disengage the ball cage from the half shaft.

7. Decompose the ball cage: Hit the inner race of the ball cage with a copper hammer to make the ball cage and the inner race vertical to the outer race, and remove the inner race, ball cage and steel ball.

8. Inspection of the ball cage assembly: clean the inner and outer races and steel balls of the ball cage, and check the wear of the inner race, ball cage, and outer race. If there are grooves, peeling, spots, etc., replace Maintenance-Free bearings Ball cage assembly.


asked Aug 11 in lifestyle by xsjbearing (140 points)  

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