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What is the role of biomass graphene fabrics?

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What is the use of biomass graphene fabrics?

1. Keep warm

Known as the Harbin branch venue with the highest latitude and the lowest temperature in the history of the Spring Festival Gala, the actors have light and elegant dresses, performing in the extreme cold of close to minus 30 degrees Celsius for several hours, still dancing gracefully. After the party, a high-tech anti-cold "equipment", a new thermal clothing made of graphene material specially made for this Spring Festival Gala, quickly became popular on the Internet, attracting many netizens to praise it.

2. Antibacterial

In order to effectively combine the biomass graphene with special antibacterial properties with cotton fibers, domestic colleges and universities try to use the carboxyl, hydroxyl, carbonyl and epoxy groups on the graphene oxide to firmly bond with the cotton fiber, and then obtain a stable bond through reduction The graphene cotton fabric effectively prevents the growth of bacteria in the cotton fabric in a humid environment, and the high-tech, high antibacterial graphene cotton fabric is prepared, which expands the development field of graphene in the textile industry.

3. Far infrared function

Graphene can absorb and radiate up to 40% of far-infrared rays. The absorption mechanism of human body’s far-infrared rays is through the stretching vibration of carbon-carbon, carbon-hydrogen bond, oxygen-hydrogen bond, etc. in the cell molecules of human tissues, and its resonance wave is large. The part is 3-15 microns, and the wavelength and amplitude of the far infrared are the same, causing resonance resonance.

The 4-16 micron far-infrared waves emitted by graphene heating can activate biological molecules such as nucleic acid and protein of body cells.

4. Anti-static

After the surface antistatic performance of functional clothing is improved, it will cause a series of comprehensive performance improvements for textiles, which can increase the resistance of the meter from 102 to 106, which is consistent with the resistance of the human skin. Reduce the adhesion of dust and pollutants on the surface of the fabric due to the long-term accumulation of static electricity.

5. Anti-UV

Graphene is a new type of carbon nano-lightweight material with a unique two-dimensional monoatomic layer crystal structure, high absorption efficiency of various types of light, and ideal shielding effect.

If you are interested in the new functional fabric, please continue to pay attention to us.

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