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Is it legal to use a high-power jammer?

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You may have heard of cell phone jammer. A device used to block all cell phone signals within a certain range. They vary in size and are usually used in high-end business meetings where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. They are fixed or portable, and can block the signal range in different ways. Other frequencies can also interfere, such as WLAN or GPS. Even an imbalance can stop everyone. Now, they are small enough to be carried, easy to carry, and can block signals up to 30 meters. The fixed range is higher. But on some special occasions, we need special jammers to achieve the effects we want, such as anti-terrorism operations, large prisons, large examination rooms, etc.

High power jammer has the largest interference range. A typical 8-band desktop jammer has a blocking range of 50-60 meters. At the same time, they can interfere with various frequency bands, which is very convenient. This jammer is often used in prisons, schools and other places. Can effectively prevent information leakage and dissemination.

desktop signal blocker

As the name implies, powerful jammer can jamming with more signals and more wide range, the more can guarantee information security. It can disturb the signals which we want availably.To ensure the validity of the scope,the high powerful blocker device is your best choice.

The most popular jammer is the portable jammer. If you need to take interference equipment out, that is your best choice. With the development of GPS satellite positioning technology, in order to protect pedestrians, jammers have also emerged, and people have bought jammers to avoid being tracked.

It has the functions you need, can block phone signals, and is portable, making it easier to carry around, allowing you to use the power distribution car charger anywhere outdoors, making it more convenient to work without being affected by the battery And it cannot be used, you can charge it in the car. The portable design is also easy to hide when in use, so no attention is needed.

Cell phone jammers are useful for everyone, because they are multi-functional devices. For example, mobile phone signal jammers are very suitable for schools and universities. If the teacher turns on the mobile phone signal jammer in the classroom, using the mobile phone signal jammer can ensure that there will be no cheating problems during the exam. Students’ mobile phone work will be blocked and they will not be able to receive messages with correct answers. In addition, mobile phone signal jammers can help bosses control employees' work. Therefore, your employees will not be distracted by job information.

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