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In this guide, you will learn the ins and outs of WoW Classic PvP, things that make this system complete, which class will wreck, which one will be harder to utilize, what tools can aid you in combat, and of course - expect short class guides that will cover pure basics and some class nuances.To get more news about WoW Items, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.


Being in Power: Everyone wants to feel blood on their steel and being in power, especially when it comes to business scenarios and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. And while feeling powerful fighting computer-controlled enemies feels nice, the actual experience lies in competing against players just like you, and slowly rising through ranks of PvP scene.

Faction War: Alliance and Horde are at war. Why not show this through player activities? Gathering up an army of guild members and Pick-up Groups and riding together towards enemy cities murdering anyone in sight while not peaceful and family-friendly - it's just the best feeling. Don't be a pacifistic sheep, smash those weaklings from the Alliance, or those savages from the Horde and show them who the boss is!

They Know Who You Are: A time will come when you do something incredible, something that other people will recognize as epic. Be it a play that turned the entire battle around allowing your Faction to win, or being an absolute Raid boss that no one can deal with in a fair fight. Or maybe you were in an unfair battle, in an unwinnable scenario, and you came out on top? Whatever you do that is unspeakable - people will start to notice, and slowly but surely, people might grow to recognize you, know you, like you, and absolutely love you. They might even join your guild wanting to play with you as your brothers and sisters in arms.

World Bosses: It will be mandatory for players to be good at PvP to be successful at World Bosses. These enemies are available for both factions at the same time. Imagine this, you gather up your guild of Orcs, Taurens, Forsaken, and Trolls to kill a World Boss. There are 80 people willing to participate. You see the Boss, and it turns out that 160 players want to attend. You see the players of the enemy faction appear out of the blue, or red, and they want to kill the boss for that sweet loot as well. So you clash, you do one wipe and prepare to hit the boss. But those Alliance players came back, and this time - your Faction gets wiped. It's a series of back and forth wipes with breaks for fighting the boss. Killing world bosses is just based around that. There's a lot of planning and PvP mechanics involved to keep your enemies away from reaching the boss.

Ranking Up: WoW Classic has an Honor system that will reward you with honor points as you murder people from the enemy Faction that are close to your level. There are 14 ranks that you will be able to get through to reach the final update to Grand Marshal or High Warlord, being one of the 0.1% of players that can achieve and maintain this rank. Each rank has some sweet rewards, and you will have to be skilled, spend a lot of time on enemy territory killin' and chillin'. It's a long road, but the prestige and fame you will get through reaching this rank are truly immeasurable. And you will have to check that out in Azeroth for yourself, as its some quality feeling, that returns to you even if you lose that rank.

Pure Fun: No one would do it if it weren't fun. Rushing into the enemy Capitol with your guildmates and slaughtering through every enemy of your faction is the thrills that you'd look for in every MMORPG. Go out there, pummel them to the ground, show them who the boss is, and have fun while doing it. You can be sure that games like that will not make you violent when you release yourself to go out and live a real life. Not at all. You can earn many friends that way during that phase. So there's that at least. Or just forget about it, log in to your server on a current patch and go towards Silithus from your mancave and survive the no nut november (nov) challenge. 

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