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What should I pay attention to when using the mattress?

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Mattress fabric is the longest contact with the human body every day. A mattress with higher comfort level can effectively improve the quality of human sleep.

Mattresses, like other household items, require regular maintenance to play their role well. Many consumers are full of this confusion. If you use a mattress less than one year, there will be more or less problems, but the reason is It is all due to the quality of the mattress. In fact, there is no maintenance of the mattress or the method of maintaining the mattress is inappropriate. It will also shorten the life and comfort of the mattress.

The method of mattress maintenance:

1. Choose the correct way to carry the mattress. In the process of carrying the mattress, avoid bending or folding the mattress, and do not directly tie it with rope, which will cause deformation or damage of the internal spring.

2. Remove the mattress protection film. Newly bought mattresses usually have a layer of plastic film to seal them. Then, the new mattress will naturally remove this layer of film, otherwise the mattress will be impervious.

For details, please contact: mattress protector.

asked Jul 17 in bodily health by rongli (460 points)  

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