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How to gear up for your first WoW Classic raid

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How to gear up for your first WoW Classic raid

So you just hit level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic - hopefully, our leveling guide helped you out! There's the old saying that an MMO only truly begins once you reach the level cap, and while we can't agree with that when it comes to World of Warcraft given just how much land and lore you'll have experienced to get there, the true challenge is still on the horizon - Raiding. But getting your first set of entry-level raid gear isn't basic knowledge. You might want to install some essential add-ons before then, too.To get more news about WoW Gold Classic Cheap, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

Just like how a Warrior can happily go from level 30-60 with the Whirlwind Axe, plenty of entry-level raid gear can be obtained and equipped long before reaching the top level. If you're looking to take on Onyxia, the Molten Core and beyond, you'll need to know how to gear for raids in World of Warcraft Classic.

The sheer volume of talent tree combinations will make this guide quite extensive. Just scroll down to find your class and you'll see the entry-level armor sets for each class's viable roles that should help you make your entrance into the raid scene. From then on, it's a semi-natural progression to greater gear. The gear choices here are by no means the best you can get. This isn't a BiS guide. They merely represent the more easily obtained and suitable options to get you going. Most come from dungeon bosses and high-level quests, so we've tried to include as little dungeon variance as possible to make it a simple matter of repeated runs through two or three instances.
Unlike retail WoW, Warriors can tank in any number of ways. There's the staple sword and board method, but it's also entirely possible to dual-wield for the added rage generation. Arms, Fury, and Protection all work here in different ways, so gearing up can be a bit of a mixed bag.

Hunters are fairly straight-forward when it comes to gearing. Their sole role as fantastic damage dealers means a focus on purely offensive stats. The desire for 9% increased Hit remains from other classes, so stack for that from the get-go. Then work to avoid it in other gear slots.

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