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Those features will be missed for a game as societal is PSO2

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Well certain... other programs are more robust but win shop has a huge install base since it's built into cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta windows. SoT lives and dies based on mtx / shop use whereas another games you have mentioned moving to vapor mostly revolve around paid customers. I really do agree that something like steam or stand would be better but that I disagree with the assertion that it is not healthy. Besides, the majority of the main attributes missing from the win10 store don't matter a whole lot for f2p matches (I do not desire reviews or extra return policies etc). On top of that, I suspect much like the people will be mostly driven by every other variant of PSO consoles. I don't forsee a massive swath of all PC gamers clamoring to play an game that had niche appeal from word go. If windows shop is a deal breaker for you by all means skip it; but you punishing yourself.

First of all, I'm playing Phantasy Star Online 2 on Xbox and will surely play on PC. But I am not the one that you gave to convince that the windows shop is fine. It's the new Phantasy Star Online 2 players who would have installed a whim, who would have seen it newly released, who would've seen their buddies playing in their friendlist and clicked the shop page to check it out. How do you explain to someone who's not on Phantasy Star Online 2s subreddit that it is worth it? And if you do not believe those people matter to a console life cycle, then why advertise in any way? Like I've said a couple of times, I am praying I am wrong. But everything points to this being a bad move. Look at PSU shut down early into its lifetime. Look following epic release because epic is paying up sales 17, scratching by simply at epic launch. Compare the store sales numbers and consumer bases. Look to steam from windows store at the Microsoft change, and then let me there is nothing.

I doubt they were interested in playing. The Windows shop is fine. It is fine? Do I truly need to site every recent launch to explain to you the store platform could have an effect on earnings? I wouldnt bother going to play if I was unsure of Phantasy Star Online 2 and was a fan of the show. Windows shop contains attributes which other storefronts offer. And those features will be missed for a game as societal is PSO2.

Epic is fine also. Somehow the Japanese lived just fine with no"societal features" has it has existed for 2 years on its launcher. I cant remember the last time I used Steams"societal features". Discord is for superior for keeping Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers connected and it doesnt need steam to get the job done. So Windoes store is fine. I play any game that interests my on whatever platform I must. I highily doubt your buddies were all that curious if it merely being on a different platform they still have access to scared them off. If it did not then they're probably elitists.

Epic is fine lmao are you really gon na dismiss how screwed some of those developers would've been if epic did not cover a portion of the earnings upfront? Must I explain how japanese gaming is from western gaming? Socializing is a massive focal point of western matches. It isn't in Japan. I agree, it is stupid to bypass a game simply because it's on a stage that you don't like. Individuals are petty over stupider things than this, and it will effect potential Phantasy Star Online 2 player base and earnings. Pretty much everyone here will probably be fine with those circumstances, but you do not have to convince anybody here to play Phantasy Star Online 2. Let's just hope it's enough to buy meseta pso2 keep the lights when both Sega and Microsoft scarcely offer a f*ck about bringing new individuals in.

asked Jun 18 in lifestyle by MMOruki (360 points)  

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