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For those that played with PSO2 on Phantasy Star Online 2Cube/Dreamcast

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Was Phantasy Star Online 2 as addicting back? I can't get enough of Phantasy Star Online 2! Maybe not to buy PSO2 Meseta the degree of being addicted to them, I play with shooters although I like RPGs. All these years, I have been missing! We just... we just don't telepipe anymore. People will not know how fun was supposed to retreate if your ass was being kicked or when you wanted to sell all the believe you collect simply to earn a couple mesetas. And many, a number of different things. My favourite thing on dreamcast was when someone died there equipped items dropped for anybody to pick up. In addition, the competitiveness when a red box dropped it was not per individual but for everyone so that it was a race.

Then episode 1&2 published and it changed where your items did not fall. There were a TON of hackers back to the dreamcast too to acquire the rarest things in huge numbers. It was excellent for the time period, however imo unless you're playing a private server with EXTREMELY HEAVILY ALTERED drop pools/tables, it actually is pretty meh these days. Section IDs, although cool in terms of creating your character feel exceptional, are seriously stupid if you do not know what they are before making a character. Combat without a God Battle is honestly unplayable for me after spending much time with one.

My friend's GameCube broke. Piping is stupid. There is honestly a portion of the material in these games as there is in PSO2, and grinding to maximum level will take you months if not years if you do not play with it constantly all the time/at least 4-5 hours every day. Due to section IDs, you can't always get the loot you want with one character, and certainly will have to at least have two depending on what items you are wanting. Lots of nostalgia for that game because of what it was back in the day, but I could not play it. It's easy to check at something like that with rose colored glasses, but then you play with it and you realize how outdated it is.

I played with it rather a lot, though even before playing it was definitely a good deal slower. When it can help to bring up the pause menu to run and not lock onto enemies, and things like finding my Brother fell asleep playing (while in a darkened room in game too)it was a lot slower. Most of the reason I played with display was split with my own brothers. I believe just a couple of our characters ever got to ultimate mode in some hundreds of hours, even though our very first memory card got corrupted and lost quite a bit of time. This one to me is a lot more enjoyable to perform at the first place, and naturally with some 8 decades of support can have a bit more variety so even when I stop for a while I will go back to something new.

I began by playing on a friend's dreamcast. He also made the mistake of allowing a character is created by me. He awakened in and went to sleep and I was up playing. I didn't have a way although I bought it for GameCube. Then the Xbox published PSO2 so I played it there online. I believe that the highest level with that character was 117 from 200 I reach. It was a hell of a mill back in those days. I didn't believe I'd get into this one because I remember playing burst and not being into it. Well here we are today and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta I'm hooked as he'll, I told myself I would not drop a buck into Phantasy Star Online 2, I ended up purchasing the creators sonic collab edition.

asked Jun 3 in lifestyle by MMOruki (360 points)  

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