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It was when Gielinor felt enormous, and exploring was exciting. I remember how cool I thought it had been when I saw someone with gear I had never seen, or found  OSRS gold Seer's Village for the first time. I don't play much anymore, but when I do, the entire world feels small, and like it has lost all its magic. I despise growing up.Kinda wish they'd raise the size of the world by a factor of four or so, and only space out the cities and towns so that they appear distant to one another. There aren't many areas left that don't feel bloated. "Leaving the city of Falador on my trek to the next village!" (takes five measures )"And here we are in Taverly! )"

You think you want this, but frankly it would be awful game design. The entire world would be large, but empty. It is much better to make worlds in which gamers experience many things than creating a huge planet with large regions of nothing. How many times do you mine for funds at al karidh. How many times do you see mudskipper point. Or do willows cut on next to melzars maze? Or hoe often do you stumble from the draynor sewers? The world already is actually big, but individuals are condensed to the spots generally. Then for the simple fact that everybody is there, if not for the xp.

When you have a look at other mmos you encounter the same sort of problem. Cities and all the beautiful property between unused. Look at single player games for example Skyrim: anyplace is near a new cave, fort or other marked site. And in between many random encounters you amused. All because the devellopers would like you to feel that there's something to do anyplace. Most people don't like to perform : walking in character RuneScape, for hours on end. If someone does, they likely will head irl out.

What do I enjoy when playing RuneScape? Because if you like being effective and to mill, you do not have to mourn the places. Treat npcs exactly the same if you like to play a citizen of Gielinor. Perhaps even more than gamers. Make up limitations to your personality to assist you play a part in Runescape, which seems fitting for you. And as you do so, you do not need to mourn the xp/gp reduction. Do not care about lost. About walking to the bank do not care. Do not care about buy RuneScape gold wasted buying opportunities.


asked May 22 in holidays by MLCgames (220 points)  

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