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Do You Know Iqf Freezing Application?

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The freeze-drying of Quick Freezing Equipment refers to the process of removing moisture or other solvents from frozen biological products by sublimation. The product obtained by freeze-drying in a quick-freezing device is called a freeze-dried product, and the process of the quick-freezing device is called freeze-drying. Traditional drying causes the material to shrink and damage the cells. The structure of the sample will not be destroyed during the freeze-drying process. In the laboratory, lyophilization has many different uses and is essential in many biochemical and pharmaceutical applications. IQF Freezing technology and equipment are also used for chemical analysis.

Guanfeng Machinery reminds you: Pay attention to the freeze drying operation of quick freezing equipment:
(1) Do not use quick-freezing equipment without proper installation.
(2) Do not use quick freezing equipment without permission.
(3) If the shelf is placed incorrectly, do not use the quick freezing device.
(4) Without special safety measures, corrosive substances cannot be lyophilized. Even if it is protected, it must be ensured that it will not corrode the main material, nor will it reduce the mechanical strength of the cold trap, door panels and other accessories.
(5) The producer shall not add attachments without permission. If the quality of the container is not good, do not use it, because the container will be very dangerous during the freeze-drying process.
(6) Do not use quick-freezing equipment in areas where there is a danger of explosion.
(7) During use, please do not impact, move the quick freezing device.
(8) Do not place potentially dangerous objects, such as bottles containing liquid, near the quick-freezing equipment.
(9) Do not freeze-dry explosive or flammable samples.
The quick-freezing equipment, that is, the freeze-drying machine, is adopted by many industries. Food, pharmaceuticals, etc. are popular among manufacturers.

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