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How to select a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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Purchasing an Injection Machine is not a small investment,buying a too big machine is waste of money,while a machine too small is not suitable. So choosing a machine suitable for products is the most important thing for a buyer,and the supplier suggests the suitable machine and advise how to choose machine is the first lesson the supplier provides to the buyer. In order to understand the various procedures for selecting injection molding machines in a more systematic way, the following contents and detailed descriptions is for this purpose.

Choose the Right Model Series: There are many dedicated injection molding machines available in the market.Most injection molding machines manufacturer developed different series molder for a dedicated industry. The first step is to pick up the right series machines according to your exactly product and it`s raw materials.

For example, you should choose the PET Series or HPET Series injection molding machine if you want to produce PET preforms for PET bottle.

Can Load the Mould: The second step is make sure the mould must can be loaded in the plastic injection moulding machine. Check the mould`s size, select a machine which guide post distance is bigger than the mould size. And double check the max. and min mould thickness, platen size to double confirm that machine can load your mould. This base on your already have a available mould.

Products Can Be Take Out: Check the ejector stroke of your mould and product size, make sure the injection molding machine`s opening stroke and injectior stroke is bigger than your mould`s ones.

Enough Clamping Force: Make sure the clamping force is bigger the your requirement. It`s a little complex how to calculate the clamping force. I will write another article to talk about it.

Full Injection: Calculate out the shot weight requirement according to your product`s weight and mould`s cavities. The formula is shot weight=product weight x cavities. Make sure the injection machine`s shot weight is a bit bigger than you requirement.

Well Shot:

We can get rough idea of screw L/D ratio and injection pressure, etc. Some engineering plastics require high injection pressure and suitable screw L/D compress ratio. To get better finished products, we need to consider injection pressure and L/D ration during selection of screw.

Generally speaking,screw with small diameter can produce high injection pressure.

Fast Injection Speed: To produce a quality produce needs a right injection speed. This depends on the exactly product and it`s material and mould design. Check it out with the mould manufacturer first and make sure the injection moulding machine can meet it`s requirement.

Above rules are a brief way for selecting a right injection molding machines. Of cause there are other rules for different products. That will be depends on your exactly product. So please ask for some advise from the injection manufacturer - https://www.petblowingmachine.com/product/injection-machine/ if you are not sure which machine is right for you.

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