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Six Tips for Pregnant Women to Improve Sleep Quality

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Many people know the importance of sleep for pregnant women. During pregnancy, many pregnant women sleep at night because of leg cramps. This causes drowsiness during the day. Here are some tips to improve sleep quality during pregnancy.

1. Improve sleep temperature to adjust appropriate temperature.

Some studies have found that the optimal sleep temperature is about 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It is helpful to put the thermostat in the bedroom or open the window to sleep. You can also adjust your body temperature with a blanket.

2. Improve sleep quality every day.

Studies have shown that pregnant women who exercise for 30 minutes a day can help improve sleep. You can choose gentle walks such as walking, yoga, Pilates and swimming.

3. Improve sleep quality and relax before falling asleep.

After dinner, pregnant women can relax themselves by reading, writing or listening to music. If your other half is willing to help you massage, it will achieve better results.

4. Improve sleep quality. Don't touch TV and computer one hour before going to bed.

Computers and televisions have a lot of radiation to the human body, so turn off the televisions and computers at least one hour before going to bed. After a long day, make sure your brain gets more rest.

5. Improve sleep quality and prepare multiple pillows on the bed.

Don't be afraid of trouble, put pillows on the bed as much as possible, you need to sleep in a comfortable position. If you have heartburn, use a pillow on your upper body to relieve symptoms. Putting a pillow between your legs, behind your back and on your stomach can help relieve stress and pain and ensure good sleep.

6. Improve sleep quality and change sleep posture.

Correct sleeping posture is for the health and safety of the baby, but correcting posture all night is unrealistic. Because it will be very uncomfortable, you have to change your posture when you sleep.

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