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Coronavirus: China’s extreme measures to tackle COVID-19

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Coronavirus: China's extreme measures to tackle COVID-19


As the rest of the world is struggling to fathom what a post-coronavirus existence may look like, China claims it is on the verge of declaring a ­momentous victory in the "People's War on COVID-19".To get more news about slogan for coronavirus, you can visit shine news official website.

But the Chinese government's authoritarian path to tackling the deadly virus is not open to the rest of the world. It included:

• Mobilising 91 million party members to act as neighbourhood behaviour enforcers. Intensifying the "grid management" system that corrals every 200 families under a supervisor with 24-hour-a-day scrutiny powers, including comprehensive CCTV coverage and facial-recognition technology.

• Harnessing the almost universally used apps of top internet corporations Alibaba and Tencent, which runs WeChat, to allow the government to track everyone's movements.

• And, horrifyingly - if some reports on social media are to be believed - the tying of people to poles, or publicly humiliating them in other ways, for violating prevention measures.Such harshness contrasts with the virus measures undertaken with considerable success by neighbours of China, including Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea, which along with painstaking attention to detail - including chasing down the contacts of each person afflicted - are building substantially on deep reserves of civic trust to achieve overwhelming consent for their programs.

There is no evidence yet that a third way can have any success.The official numbers out of China are hotly contested. As of Tuesday, the Chinese government said the country had recorded 81,171 coronavirus cases, resulting in 3277 deaths.

At the peak of the virus in China in the middle of last month, 14,000 new cases and 150 deaths were reported for one day. On Tuesday, there were only 39 new confirmed cases - none in Wuhan - and only nine recorded deaths.

But according to a report in the South China Morning Post on Tuesday, which cited classified government data, China has under-reported its confirmed COVID-19 cases by one-third, or more than 40,000 infections, while leader Xi Jinping has been described by Xinhua news agency as "the People's Leader commanding the decisive battle".The decision to leave asymptomatic patients out of the country's confirmed tally has not necessarily affected the success of its quarantine efforts, however, because, although not counted, patients without symptoms still were isolated in coronavirus facilities.

Putting aside the quibbling over numbers, China's "effective" strategy in slowing the transmission of the virus has given rise to a fresh narrative - that the new era of Chinese socialism holds the ­answers to the world's apocalyptic challenge.

The surveillance tactics employed by China have held little ­regard for personal liberties.

Soon after the initial discovery of the virus, everyone in China was assigned a green, yellow or red health status code that ubiquitous officials could check instantly on their smartphones to decide where people were permitted to go.

This is all happening as the ­Chinese Communist Party regains full and firm control of its social media and banishes more Western journalists, while Western pundits, especially on social media, launch viral onslaughts on their political leaders over their handling of the pandemic and even urge fellow citizens to break laws.

China is selling itself as the ­resolute leader of humankind's "shared destiny", eyes ahead, with the West left dithering in a delusional past.

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