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asked Sep 6, 2019 in hair by Saimvor (140 points)  
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Jacob & Co Replica watch 750.100.30.AB.SD.1NS Grand Complication Masterpieces Astronomia Tourbillon

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Blancpain VILLERET Traditional Chinese Calendar, Year of the Rat (REF. 00888H-3431-55B)

Blancpain's Traditional Chinese Calendar Swiss luxury replica watches  is a masterpiece of watchmaking masters, which combines the basic principles of ancient Yin and Yang calendars derived from Chinese traditions with Gregorian dates. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the manufacturer has introduced a new limited edition of this complication, featuring a rat, the first animal of the Chinese zodiac sign, heralding a year of luck and prosperity.

Blancpain met the challenge by mechanically combining two different time interpretations with a traditional Chinese calendar. Five years of research and development are required to correlate the main display of the Chinese calendar with the date based on the solar calendar in the watch. Given the different basic units of these two time division systems, this represents a true technical feat. The solar calendar is based on the solar day, while the solar calendar is based on the lunar cycle and consists of 29,53059 days. Each 12 lunar months is 11 days shorter than a solar year.

In order to maintain consistency with the seasonal cycle, a month is added to the Chinese calendar every two to three years. This unique feature is the reason for the variability of the Chinese New Year dates. However, the complexity of this calendar is not limited to this, because it uses a system that breaks down a day into 12 double-hours, replacing the 24 hours made up every 60 minutes in the Gregorian calendar. Every twelve hours is named after one of the twelve earthly branches, and one of the zodiac signs in turn.U-BOAT CLASSICO 45 TUNGSTENO CAS 2 7431/A Replica Watch

All this information can be found on the Blancpain Traditional Chinese Calendar's white Grand Feu enamel dial. The animal "rat" of the year appears on the window at 12 o'clock. Below is a two-hour counter with numbers and symbols. Three o'clock shows ten celestial pillars and five elements, while two hands at nine o'clock are used to read the month and date. They are complemented by an aperture dedicated to the moon.

The moon phase is used to determine the month of the Chinese calendar and represents a symbolic element of the Blancpain calendar model, highlighted in a window at 6 o'clock. Finally, according to the instructions, associate the date with these instructions and read them on the edge of the ring with a blue steel snake pointer.FRANCK MULLER Gravity Skeleton V 45 T GRAVITY CS SQT WG Replica

This timepiece is more complex than a perpetual calendar and is driven by an automatic winding movement 3638. The latter is special in that it can achieve a power reserve of 7 days by using three barrels with high-performance springs in series. Prevents improper manipulation of functions and is equipped with a silicon hairspring.

This outstanding movement is housed in a 45mm platinum case with a crown-cut ruby on the crown and the rotor. It integrates five ear-hook correctors (an invention patent of Blancpain), and can easily perform fingertip adjustment without the need for correction tools.Ulysse Nardin Freak replica watches

The delicate and timeless aesthetics of the Villeret collection can be seen on the double-stepped bezel of the case, as well as on the dial with golden appliqués on the dial with Roman numerals and hollow sage leaf hands. This watch is limited to 50 pieces, and its white gold oscillating weight is engraved with the zodiac sign, that is, the rat. Each watch is fully assembled by a master watchmaker and hand-crafted in the Grandes Complications workshop at the Le Brassus watch factory.

Blancpain's Traditional Chinese Calendar is also available in unlimited red gold versions and guilloché patterns.

Blancpain MÉTIERSD'ART Commemorative Year of the Rat (REF. 6124-1919-55B)

To celebrate the "Chinese Year of the Rat", Blancpain will launch the first completely handmade porcelain dial at its Métiersd'Art workshop. This special series releases one timepiece of eight limited editions, marking the introduction of this traditional Chinese technique in the Rousseau watchmaking factory.HUBLOT Big Bang replica watches

The Blancpain factory in Le Brassus has artisans who are proficient in various decorative techniques and primitive handmade arts, and is a leading center for arts and crafts related to watches.

Blancpain is proud to expand its expertise regularly by integrating new forms of craftsmanship into its workshops. Against this background, after more than a year of development and testing, Maison has now launched the first porcelain dial entirely designed and produced in-house.

The special edition of Métiersd'Art porcelain combines porcelain art and enamel painting. It presents Chinese zodiac signs of the year in eight unique timepieces, depicting rats.

The 33mm white gold case of the Métiersd'Art Porcelaine watch is equipped with a bezel set with 48 brilliant-cut diamonds. It is equipped with a 1154 self-winding movement and its sapphire caseback can praise its superb surface treatment. Alligator straps set the finishing touch for these precious timepieces.https://www.chronowrist.ru

Blancpain VILLERET ULTRAPLATE white gold, blue dial hardcover edition-(VILLERET series, no. 6605-3440-55A)

Elegance and discretion have been the hallmarks of the Villeret model since the early 1980s. The new Villeret Ultraplate watch is no exception. It has a sturdy modern face while retaining the iconic aesthetics and authenticity of the collection. The Villeret style is characterized by a sophisticated round two-step bezel, elaborate sage-leaf shaped hands, gold-plated Roman numerals and a slim case.

As with all Blancpain models, the new Villeret Ultraplate Limited Edition ensures enhanced reliability and operational efficiency. The hand-wound 11A4B movement is based on the famous 1150 movement. It provides four days of autonomy through two barrels in series and equipped with a high-performance balance spring. This structure produces a constant energy pulse, ensuring accuracy from the first hours to the last few minutes of operation.

Blancpain has paid special attention to ensuring the user-friendliness of the watch and equipped the new Villeret Ultraplate with a power reserve indicator. The latter is displayed on the back to keep the dial elegant. The movement is protected by a sapphire case back and is delicately decorated to reflect the purity of the dial. The completely redesigned bridge is decorated with a traditional Geneva ripple pattern, as well as beveled edges.

The new platinum Villeret Ultraplate has a case with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 7.40 mm. It has a blue dial and a blue alligator leather strap, which is secured by a pin buckle. Bell & Ross BR 03-94 AEROGT BR0394-SC-SCA replica

asked Feb 24 in hair by yaynal (240 points)  

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