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Tips on Earning World Locks in Growtopia

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You might be wondering how and why is it impossible to receive them. Here are my ways a tricks to get them easily!

1. Tapjoy

(Note: this only works on android or mobile phone) Tapjoy is a series of quest which you have to accomplish to get gems. You might be saying, how do we get tapjoy? Well to access tapjoy you press Earn free gems, and if you want to earn more gems then the one on the page. Press on the top Earn extra rewards ( as known as the diamond. )

2. Farming

You might thing farming is boring but hey! If it's for the world lock I would spice things up abit. When you stat off an account you have nothing except a punch tool and a wrench. Exit the starter World and create a empty world that isn't Locke do by anyone. Then follow these steps:

-Gather A lot of dirt seeds and rock seed (50 each?)

- Splice the Dirt seed and rock seed (Creates grass )

- punch the grass and keep replanting till you get 100 grass seed. ( don't replant the whole seed you get plant half) If you have cave background seed and dirt seed leftovers then make door seed and do the same process as the grass seed one.

You have to learn abbreviations such as

WL= World Lock

HL= Huge Lock

BL= Big Lock

SL= Small Lock

Last step. If you got 200 grass seed then go to the world BUYGRASS and say "Sell grass seed 200/1wl." Then a person would come up to you and trade the grass seed for their world lock.

--PROGRESSING--' Coming soon!


For Now, These are the tips To Earning World Locks in Growtopia, if you have Growtopia Items for Sale at the safe growtopia items place, I recommend you visit https://www.igvault.com/Growtopia-Items

asked Feb 24 in home and garden by growtopiaigvault (120 points)  

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