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WoW: Battle for Azeroth is unpopular - More than 40% think it's really bad

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buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold That Battle for Azeroth wasn't exactly the most popular expansion of World of Warcraft is not a big novelty. But how unpopular the game really is is surprising. A few days ago we asked you how good you actually find BfA and you participated diligently in the survey. Therefore we can now present the result to you.

Let's start with the positive news. About every 7th wow classic gold sees Battle for Azeroth as a good addon. Because the vote shows:

Battle for Azeroth found 12% “pretty good”.
Battle for Azeroth even thinks 2% are "terrific and the best expansion so far".
The game world or the cinematics, which were strongly represented this time and enriched the story, are often praised. The expansion of the "Mythisch +" dungeons is occasionally highlighted as a positive point.

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asked Feb 15 in miscellaneous by rodeoneerer (240 points)  

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