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asked Aug 31, 2018 in holidays by kexonplastic (2,280 points)  
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What are the categories of plastic bottle caps?

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The common plastic bottle cap in our daily life is pump head and spray. Mainly in cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles and shampoo and shower gel bottles. How many plastic pump heads do you know in your daily life? There are several classifications below.

1. According to the usage, it can be divided into non-steam cap, carbonated beverage cap, aseptic cap and heat-resistant cap.

2. HDPE and PP are divided according to materials.

3. According to the structure, it is divided into internal plug type and gasket type.

4. According to the processing technology, it is divided into injection molding and compression molding.

5. According to size, it is divided into 28 teeth, 30 teeth, 38 teeth, 44 teeth, 48 teeth plastic pump head, etc.

6. According to the anti-theft ring lock points for 8, 12, etc.

According to the above classification can be divided into 6 categories, these 6 types of plastic pump head do you understand?

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asked Dec 3, 2019 in lifestyle by kexonplastic (2,280 points)  

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