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The principle of lotion pump is to use atmospheric pressure

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Lotion pumps are used in many of our daily necessities, such as shampoo, cosmetics, detergent, etc.

So what is the principle of lotion pump? Let's take a look at the following:

When using the lotion pump, we first discharge the air in the liquid storage chamber (that is, the plastic tube that can absorb shampoo) by pressing. When the air is exhausted, we press the pump head again. As the spring in the pump head is restored to its original state after releasing, vacuum will be formed in the liquid storage chamber and negative pressure will be generated.

At this time, the pressure in the container keeps the same as the atmospheric pressure, so the pressure in the liquid storage cavity is small and the pressure in the container is large. At this time, due to the pressure difference, the atmosphere will press the liquid around the mouth of the liquid storage cavity into the liquid storage cavity, giving the impression that the pump head sucks up the liquid.

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