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The intent is to help bring more new players to the sport

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Jagex believes these rs gold 2007  partnerships with third-parties is going to be an incentive for new players. A good example of that is that the partnership Jagex had with Twitch, players that purchased Twitch Prime were provided a free month of RuneScape membership in addition to the choice to modify their skin colour. The choice to change your skin color to purple was later added to the game for free, this same principal is the assumption for Jagex's suggested partnerships. Jagex has stated numerous times during their blog post that"we will not include any MTX to Old School RuneScape" since they"know that doing so would completely contradict the spirit of what's made Old School a success."

Just how can Jagex not recognize that locking content, if it be decorative or not, behind a timed pay-wall doesn't come under the kind of a micro-transaction? Especially considering members that pay to perform the entire game can't access this exclusive content unless they fork out more cash, or wait an undisclosed amount of time. Being cosmetic items they do not directly impact the gameplay of this game, but this isn't the point, players who are already paying to play the sport shouldn't be asked to spend more money to access content they are technically already paying .

Jagex is not fooling anybody with these'partnerships' and the Old School RuneScape Reddit which fuels the games advancement choices directly reflects this. Fans and players have taken to the forum to share their concerns, read here. The silver lining of this is that Old School RuneScape still has its own polling system, meaning these'partnerships' can not be introduced to the game until at least 75% of this community agrees to execute them. Before this past week, Runescape programmer Jagex printed a blog post titled"Partnerships and Old School."

The intent is to help bring more new players to the sport, but gamers are worried that new deals could prove a gateway to microtransactions.Jagex ran polls on each of the planned partnership alternatives, but these polls have come to an early close. "You came to vote on your thousands, and the voting so far has delivered a very clear message -- and as such, we have made the decision to end the questionnaire early," the programmers say in a new upgrade. "The results were so one-sided the results of the poll couldn't change."
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asked Nov 1, 2019 in holidays by Megaomgchen (1,800 points)  

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