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Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine Selection Specific Requirements

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Specific requirements when using an aluminum wheel polisher:

(1) The aluminum wheel polisher outputs good beam quality, including mode and mode stability;

(2) Whether the output of the aluminum wheel polisher is large enough (this is the key to speed and effect), whether the energy is stable (usually requires 2% stability, and in some cases 1%, in order to produce the desired effect) ;

(3) The Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine should have high reliability and should be able to work continuously under the harsh industrial processing environment;

(4) The aluminum wheel polishing machine itself should have good maintenance,

(5) The Vibratory Finishing Machine is simple and convenient to operate, the function of the control key is clear, the illegal operation can be rejected, and the aluminum wheel polishing machine is protected from damage.

asked Oct 23, 2019 in finance by huzhongyun (160 points)  

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