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How To Store Copper Acetate

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Choose the advantages of Copper Acetate from Wujiang Wsdty Copper Technology Co., Ltd.:

All: The company supplies tens of thousands of products, including biological reagents, elisa kits, standard products, culture media, original consumables, antibodies, culture media, ATC cells, etc. Basically, various products are available in our company. Can find it.

New: Product updates are faster, and new products are presented every week.

Excellent: Good quality and low complaints.

Good: Our company has a high-quality technical team. Once the product is sold, it will be available to the online technical consultation room during the trial.


  1. All test reagents and drugs in the laboratory are managed by a person, and all reagents and drugs are registered.

  2. For the required reagents and medicines, it is necessary to report the meter early, and the purchase will be made by a special person.

3. The reagents and medicines required for the test are collected as needed by the management personnel; for the missing reagents and medicines, they are purchased from the pharmacy or company, and then registered with the management personnel.

4. For some special reagents and medicines, you can borrow from the management staff. When the test is completed, the remaining medicines will be returned to the drug management personnel.

5. The test cuts are classified according to the liquid and solid reagents, and the flammable and volatile reagent bottle stoppers are sealed with wax.

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