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When it comes to spectacular or other extraordinary experiences, I have found that it is best to err on the side of caution and careful analysis. The more extraordinary the event, the greater the body of proof that one should generate in order to conclude that the experience actually occurred. Remember that our memory can play tricks on us.

He is one of Pennsylvania's top prospects for the class of 2021. And Mrs. PA basketball Eric Dixon, Alli Campbell named Mr. If you not already using a tracker, try using a tracker. You don have to exactly track your food, just change your weight every time you weigh in on the app. I not sure which apps do it for you, however I do know that the loseit app will calculate your ideal calorie intake for YOU based off of the information you give it, and every time you lose weight, or gain, it readjusts for a new calorie budget.

CATS on CATS on CATS You know who couldn't read the Mueller report (even if it were ever released, which I don't care about one way or another, because we're not talking about it)? Cats. Segue to: an update on the film adaptation of the Broadway musical CATS! According to Entertainment Weekly, some lucky cat fanciers at CinemaCon just got a sneak peek of behind the scenes footage from the film, which apparently was just a bunch of A listers slinking around in motion capture suits, and EW also shared that the cat characters in the film will be cat sized. Meow? I need to know: Will they still walk (dance!) on two legs like they do in the play? Or will they be on four legs, so only the actors' faces are visible? Because that just makes me think of a Thomas the Train looking character, but instead of a train it's a cat with Idris Elba's face.

From the space shuttle program have said the shuttle regularly takes hits from space debris, and over 80 windows had to be replaced over the years. The ISS occasionally has to take evasive maneuvers to avoid collisions with space junk. And of course, this debris is not just sitting stationary: in orbit, relative velocities can be quite large, ranging in the tens of thousands of kilometers per hour..

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