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Bromantane is the best drug?

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Bromantane is the best drug?


I notice that many people stop at it when they tried dozens of other nootropics. However, many are also afraid of using it because of the risk of Alzheimer's.Bromantane powder

Is there not a similar drug like bromantane but safe? I tried dozens of drugs and many continue to drink. But the most noticeable and powerful effect is only it.

Instantly improves mood (i have a very hard depression), helps with ADHD, adds energy and motivation. And most importantly makes a very sociable and self-confident. With this drug you feel better than everyone. In monotherapy, the effect is weaker sure.

One dose 50 mg sublingually begins to act after 10 minutes and works a day. If you take every day, the effect accumulates. Probably piracetam+alcar+meldonium+lecithine+omega3+vitamine b12+vitamine d intensify it. I think this stack will help anyone.

Attention: 100-150 mg sublingually in day can cause hypomania without stimulation. The effect is much stronger than anything I've tried before. I can say for sure that he completely changes the character.

PS: Recently a best friend died (I created a thread about it) and my depression became even stronger, only the bromantane helped me overcome this. I also was afraid to drink it and tried it only 5 days a month.

From tantrums with tears I got out from 1 day with bromantane. Now I will try to use it more often.

asked Aug 21, 2019 in bodily health by freemexy (20,760 points)  

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