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How to Plush Fabric For Home Textiles Come in Many Varieties

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Plush Fabric For Home Textiles ROUROUROU) have been improved over the years. It is now easier than ever to change your wardrobe, embellish a lampshade, or create a magnificent pillow. You are not limited to just the standard fabric paints anymore. Manufacturers have created a huge assortment of paints and dyes to allow you to create whatever you can imagine. Washable, natural fibers and blends are the best fabrics to paint on. Always test the paint on a hidden area of the fabric before starting your project to make sure the paint and the fabric work together. For example, many people are disappointed when working with textured fabrics because the paint colors may appear different than expected, or the coverage may be unsatisfactory.

Place cardboard between the layers of fabric and pin the fabric to it to make it smooth. This will give you a good surface to paint on. There are special shirt forms that you can buy specifically for this purpose. However, cardboard, poster board, or waxed paper work just as well.

Now, transfer the design onto your fabric. Forlight colored fabric, you can just slip the design underneath the top layer and trace it with a special sewing marker. These have disappearing ink and are made especially for marking fabric. For darker fabrics, you can transfer the design to a piece of tulle. Do this by placing the design under the tulle and tracing it with a black permanent marker. Next just place the tulle on your project and trace over it with chalk. The chalk will go through the tulle and leave the lines on the fabric.

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