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Get a team together and go to wow classic gold

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Get a team together and go to wow classic gold buy city or faction town and begin messing around. You will be amazed (or not) at the outcome. My guild and our allied guilds didn't like WoW Classic whatsoever in Vanilla (all versions). We moved and started all out battles and wars by interfering with towns, etc.. 

That was way more entertaining than WoW Classic to us, and clearly it had been to people of the opposing faction, since otherwise no one would've begun to light's hope lightbringer gold fight us. PvP to us Vanilla was not all about honor/rep/etc, it had been about killing the Alliance. Thanks for another fantastic movie hints, always prefer to hear your perspective. I will say, I'm quite pleased that they are employing the 1.12 model.

I don't remember a single individual back in classic which has been just like"Oh yeah, I love WoW Classic carrying 12+ hours each match", it's something which people simply look back on fondly because nothing like it has existed since.

 I remember everyone back then complaining about how long suits required, and taking to the forums, thus the several changes. It's just kinda funny to hear all the complaints from people now, it's almost like no matter what decision Blizzard makes, half the community will complain.

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