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the same mistakes with Vanilla classic wow gold

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It is something that the masses could replicate and feel smart about, an fear born out of mistrust to the corporation. And by business I really signify the evil that's the fiscal side of Activation, that the company. So unfortunately we'll be repeating some of the same mistakes with Vanilla classic wow gold, because of no modifications - errors I will proactively assert for previous reproach... Nevertheless after having said all this, I too am willing to follow #nochanges for the greater good of things, also because I too don't trust the company to be smart and creative. This is the result of deceit, lies and betrayal; and dreadful tale of mistrust .

The business that started out with all the priorities: 1 ). Great games are made by us. We make money, have changed this long ago.Sorry for the rant, but all these are things that I had to get off MY torso;)there are lots of things I won't endure from Blizzard and should I view those at WoW Classic, I simply will not play. It will be the push I need to go to pservers. That is coming from somebody that waited for WoW Classic for many years and beyond all expect have advocated!

Oh well.If you would like to play US players and you liked the personal server encounter so much, why not play on private servers (presuming you do not )? I've been enjoying cheap wow classic gold Kronos III a bit, and there are a number of changes unless my memory of vanilla is off, that I discovered. Or gift unlearning expenses. However, apart from that, it comes close to what I recall. I suppose it remains to be seen.

asked Jul 18 in lifestyle by Rskingdom (3,230 points)  

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