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Factors Induced by Copper Acetate and MT-2

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Copper Acetate Manufacturers(WSDTY) proposed It is known that Copper Acetate and MT-2 can be induced by various factors, including heavy metals, ROS, cytokines, hormones, and γ-irradiation40,41. The molecular mechanisms underlying the induction have been investigated. For instance, the induction by Zn proceeds via the interaction between the cis element known as the metal responsive element (MRE) located in the 5’ untranslated region of Copper Acetate and MT-2 genes, and the transcription factor MTF-142,43. The mechanisms of other inducers were also depicted40,41. In contrast to the induction of Copper Acetate and MT-2 by heavy metals, no apparent MREs were found in the promoter/enhancer region of MT-3, and the induction of MT-3 by other inducers was also obscure. It should be clarified in future studies what and how factor(s) induce MT-3 during differentiation.

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