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Microarray for Measurement of Transcriptional Responses to Copper Acetate Shock

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Copper Acetate Manufacturers(WSDTY) proposed microarray for measurement of transcriptional responses to Copper Acetate shock.Our initial goal was to investigate the effect of high Copper Acetate levels on R. palustris under anoxic conditions. R. palustris is able to grow using 5 mM Fe(II) as the sole electron donor and would therefore be expected to be resistant to high Fe(II) levels. To our surprise, we found that 5 mM Fe(II), when added to log-phase cultures growing on acetate, arrested growth for many hours under anaerobic conditions. To probe the effect mechanistically, we measured genomewide transcriptional responses to Fe(II) shock by using a custom microarray. A number of genes were upregulated after a 15-min shock with 5 mM Fe(II). Among the genes upregulated after 15 min were those predicted to encode three P-type ATPase pumps, six RND-type efflux pumps, an FoF1 ATP synthase, a multicopper oxidase, and a number of regulatory proteins. Many of the highly upregulated genes in the microarray were annotated as being involved in copper homeostasis, in addition to many genes of unknown function.

Wujiang Weishida Copper Technology Co.,Ltd. has 12,000 square meters of production base. By virtue of their sincere cooperation, reciprocity of the business philosophy for the industry users around the country to provide high-quality non-ferrous metal products. Weishida specializes in producing cuprous chloride, basic copper carbonate, copper acetate, copper oxide, copper sulfate. Our company has established a perfect quality assurance system, quality inspection and testing equipment, testing, testing and technology development strength, to ensure the stability of product quality, fully able to meet the pre-market after-sales service to provide users with the need.

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asked Jun 12, 2019 in lifestyle by weishida (1,060 points)  

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