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ESB Gold might not have as great a GPW

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So while newer Android phones have a better CPU, ESB Gold might not have as great a GPW, and that matters. However, after 2/3 decades later, it could be a moot point. So any Android telephone from 2017 on should be useful. I am speaking Pixel two, Galaxy S8 era. And of course iPhones can go a few years older since Apple material is all about 1.5-2 decades before Qualcomm, at least in terms of processing. This always riles up Android guys, but it's true. The A12 in the iPhone Xs/XR will not be matched by Qualcomm this past year. Possibly next year, but even then, it is going to be close. Won't actually  until 2021 that Qualcomm completely brings before the A12, but it will not pull ahead of what Apple has out by then. But Apple uses less RAM, also has shitty control assistance, making Android the platform for Skyrim after all.

I do up to two hours travel daily, and that I could be out of 6am - 10pm on certain days, so that I actually just don't have enough time to play games before the weekend, at which point I feel too tired to bother more often than not. Playing simple but fun games on mobile is my alternative. I play some weeb games such as Azur Lane, some regular RPG things like Another Eden, and even some FPS games such as Modern Combat. Blades is right up my street. I wouldn't say I am excited, but I am interested.

I understand this doesn't have anything to do with The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold. Are you by chance in touch modders or a modder yourself? I have a petition for mod if you understand any modders. The first portion of my request seems relatively easy. Instead of a paint mod I'm asking a Shader mod. What I mean is that you are able to select different colored parts of an armor or clothing and change is there a color or colour the same way you can do with the Pit Boys screen and the heads up screen only you would be selecting specific parts open outfit like the colorful package outfit there are different variations of it in game and the only real variations are unique components of it are shaded different colors vivid green, dark green and I believe Olive.

asked Apr 10 in lifestyle by Fogingsam (1,470 points)  

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