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Mobile application development in Chicago @ that helps us make sure we’re not just creating products

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Websites undoubtedly offer many benefits to strengthen a brand’s customer experience, however, having an online presence alone is no longer sufficient in 2019. Back when websites were new and innovative, people thought online shopping with carts, live chats, newsletter subscriptions, among other features were ingenious. Similar to the growth of web development, apps are no longer a novelty. App development Chicago  They’re part of a broader strategy that companies can’t ignore for brand building potential.Customers are demanding convenience. They want instant access to information, the ability to explore options, regardless of where or when. More importantly, they expect their experiences with companies to be extremely relevant to them. If a brand doesn’t include mobile, it’s missing out on significant opportunities to connect, engage, influence, transact and support current and potential customers.Top 6 Signs Your Brand Needs A Mobile AppThe shift to mobile has made many companies realize the need to target customers in a more personalized way. With an effective mobile strategy, brands can interact with customers from any place, at any time. That’s not to say brands should build an app just because customers are spending much time on their smartphones; an app needs to offer value beyond what other platforms (such as your website) offer. Here are six signs you should develop a mobile app for your brand.This one is obvious. If a brand is receiving a lot of mobile traffic to its website, it’s time to consider mobile app development. Brands need to identify when and where customers are interacting digitally. Are customers visiting your website on the go? A lot of mobile traffic to a website means customers want to engage with brands on their smartphones. As a response, brands need to help customers by offering a personalized, mobile experience.Statistics show that shoppers are already using retail apps during their in-store visits. More than half of shoppers who have retail apps use them while shopping in-store, for reasons like redeeming in-store discounts, finding products, and viewing product ratings and reviews. Leveraging the data collected about customers can help brands personalize the in-app experience while shoppers are in-store, which can not only enhance the experience but streamline the path to purchase and drive in-store sales.The first step in any mobile strategy is understanding what customers want from the brand. Can you provide them with even more value via a mobile app? How can a mobile app address a pain point for them? The more a brand know about its customers, the better it will be at addressing pressing pain points the customer needs solving.Product discovery is an important yet often overlooked aspect of mobile app development. Too often, usability is emphasized at the expense of utility. While the former is crucial, it is empty without considering the latter. Product discovery is a process that helps us make sure we’re not just creating products that are usable, but also useful.  visit;- https://www.fortifive.com/



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