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portable industrial humidifier factory

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Wet film air cooler Humidifier SJ-01
Technical Parameter
Model SJ-01
Humidifying Capacity1.8Kg/h1.8Kg/h
Scope of Application100m³100m³
Supply voltage220-240V/50Hz110-120V/60Hz
Rated Input Current0.3A0.6A
Rated Input Power60W 60W
Circulating Air Volume950m³/h950m³/h
Max. Volume of Water input16.0L16.0L
Operating Tempreture1~40℃,RH40%~95%1~40℃,RH40%~95%
Water TankY Y
Net Weight12kg12kg
ETL/Energy Star
Additional feature
Micro-Computer LCD Display,5% Humidity control
Environment Protection products with no compressor ,no coolant ,no pollution
Wheels ,easy to move
All Plastic Shell,Steam line Design,Elegant
Operate Easily,Atumoatic warning when lack of water
Air purifying,with the function of beauty
Packing Dimension600x500x1100mm600x500x1100mm
Packing MaterialCartonCartonportable industrial humidifier factory
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