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Fortnite Revenue Reportedly Drops By Almost 50% In 1 Month

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Fortnite continues to be king from the world, reporting record concurrent player counts as lately as this month, but there is at the least a single recent statistic that is moving within the other direction.

Superdata reports that Fortnite, just after experiencing record income in December, saw a sharp drop of 48% in income in January. And prior to you ask, no, that is not when Apex Legends came out, as that wasn't until early February, so that new rival has nothing to accomplish with it.

What occurred here isn't specifically clear. Yes, December may be the holiday season but it is tougher for Fortnite than most games to benefit from holiday buzz due to the fact you are not precisely obtaining a box copy of it as a gift. Fortnite did indeed supply Fortnite Weapons item gifting and distinctive bundles for the vacation, but practically of that is digital, which appears less prone to explosive holiday sales. Even though give a kid some money for Christmas, and he's likely going to convert that into a Fortnite skin, I suppose.

The new battle pass for season 7 was sold in December, not January, to ensure that may be a part of it. Frankly, there may possibly just not have already been that many must-have skins sold in January, and I understand that most players weren't specifically impressed by the Ice Storm occasion that took location through that month, which was a reskin of its Halloween occasion just a number of months earlier.

February could be unique, even so, as Fortnite set each occasion concurrent records for its Marshmello concert (10 million) and standard concurrent records (7 million) indicating the playerbase is not going anywhere (the second concurrent record was even just after the release of Apex). But last month maybe spurred them to take the unusual step of offering the season 8 battle pass free of charge if players full a handful of easy challenges within the game.

Giving away the season 8 battle pass implies that players are A) far more engaged using the game as they try and unlock stuff for free, and more engaged players may very well be tempted to buy Fortnite Items in the shop, and B) players using a battle pass may wind up buying tier boosts to produce confident they get to tier 100 if they can not grind it out manually.

Fortnite is so large its 2019 income could possibly be a third of what it was in 2018 and that would still be...a billion dollars. We've a long, long approach to go before we begin seriously speaking about "the fall of Fortnite" given how effective it really is been and continues to become, even with declines.

asked Feb 27, 2019 in miscellaneous by sheliasmithson (3,620 points)  

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