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Path of Exile 3.5.1b Patch Brings Back Bestiary Orbs and Fixes Betrayal League

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Path of Exile has got the latest 3.5.1b update, which brings a great deal of improvements and bug fixes for the Betrayal League, a brand new challenge league launched in December 2018. Whilst the Betrayal league has proven to be an exciting new addition for the common Action-RPG, it introduced some pesky bugs and unbalanced characteristics that update 3.5.1b hopes to rectify.
Right here is almost everything we got that was changed and fixed, like important revamps for the Betrayal League.

Betrayal League Fixes and Improvements

Syndicate Fixes
Fortification Fixes
Monster Fixes
Other Betrayal Fixes

Rin's Rain of Arrows ability and default attack now convert a few of their harm to Cold. Rin's Rain of Arrows ability now has 25% significantly less Attack Speed and can't be used on targets that are far away or "off-screen".
Betrayal Safehouses now allocate item drops according to the party leader's allocation setting, rather than usually No cost for All allocation.
Fixed a bug exactly where progress towards the "Use Scarabs" challenge was not granted when employing Scarabs as well as Sacrifice Fragments inside the Map Device.
Fixed a bug where It that Fled's projectile combo skill would occasionally target random directions.
Fixed a bug exactly where the Mastermind's Carpet Bomb talent didn't visually re-appear in the event you left the area and returned as it was occurring.
Fixed a bug exactly where the Mastermind's corpse may very well be destroyed or consumed.

Basic Fixes and Improvements

Einhar as soon as once more sells Bestiary Orbs(Path of Exile Orbs).
Added different currency options for the selection list when pricing items in public stash tabs.
Updated the Hideout choice UI to show which acts specific hideouts may be discovered in.
Chance to Impale is now displayed inside the Character Panel.

Crash Fixes

Fixed a client crash that could take place from Paquate, Architect of Corruption's Blood Beam ability.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when fighting Janus Perandus.
Fixed an instance crash that could take place when fighting High Lithomancer.
Fixed two instance crashes.

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