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7th Day of Fortnite's 14 Days: Exactly where To discover Presents/Boogie Bombs And Tips on how to Earn The Reward

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Merry Christmas, Fortnite-ers all. It really is a somewhat unprecedented moment on the planet of console gaming: Christmas has long been by far the biggest day from the year in terms of new consoles making their way into eager hands, but by no means before has there been a free-to-play game that is taken off on console in quite this way. Which means that each and every single piece of video game hardware getting unboxed these days is, to some degree, a Fortnite machine. And although numbers are going to be difficult to come by, we've to envision that a huge portion of these machines will get Fortnite Weapons installed on them in moments. given that, it's no surprise that developer Epic Games is dumping as lots of free of charge rewards on players as possible together with the 14 days of Fortnite, along with the reward for completing the Christmas Day challenge has one of several finest cosmetic items within the game so far.

Day 7 from the 14 days of Fortnite asks you to locate and use 7 boogie bombs or presents in total. It is a little bit unclear why we're throwing boogie bombs in to the mix--seems like much more of a new Year's Eve sort of thing--but regardless, that's what we're carrying out right now.

If you are on the market searching for presents, never go looking below trees. They are not environmental objects, like yesterday's Goose Nests, but rather consumable items. They were added inside a recent content material update, and they are generally like tiny, loot-packed versions of a port-a-fort. You could discover presents in chests and provide drops, though as Legendary items they're really uncommon. When you get them you throw them at an open patch of ground and they'll spawn a sizable present: break open the walls to find weapons as well as other Fortnite Items inside.

Very same goes for boogie bombs, which I seldom see in the game and am certain to determine a lot more hardly ever now that I truly want them. They are grenades that force their targets into uncontrollable dances, much more frequently than not leading them into a funky and humiliating end. Once again, you'll discover them in chests, provide drops and in floor loot.

Either one of these IGXE Items will complete the challenge, so you could comprehensive it devoid of seeing a single present, or without the need of seeing a single boogie bomb. Once you finish up, you will be awarded with one particular impressive treat: a new scowling, dapping gingerbread man pet.

asked Dec 27, 2018 in lifestyle by sheliasmithson (3,620 points)  

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