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Madden 19 Ultimate Team: Team with the Week 15

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December 18 will see the newest installment of Team of the Week, a featured plan based around the in-game efficiency of players throughout Week 15 with the NFL season. A total of 15 new cards will probably be released about 2:00 PM EST, like 4 cards more than 92 general, one of that will take over the usual LTD (limited time) selection.

First up, Marlon Mack becomes the third Colts player to obtain high-end Team on the Week honors in Madden 19, joining Darius Leonard (Week eight Boss) and T.Y. Hilton (Week 11 Boss) in the aforementioned category because of a 27-carry, 139-yard work in which he also scored two touchdowns.

His 92 all round card is definitely an improvement more than the 87 general Football Outsiders edition which was released in October, but the stats are frankly underwhelming provided the range of other running backs released in the past couple of weeks. As a result, Mack is really only suitable for Colts themed teams.

DeForest Buckner is the second consecutive 49ers player to earn mut 19 coins a Team in the Week 90+ general card, following tight finish George Kittle from Week 14. Buckner's seven-tackle, two-sack effort against the Seahawks was adequate to garner the honor and is often a notable improvement upon his 86 general Ultimate Kickoff card which came out in September.

In comparison to Mack, Buckner may possibly present a solid option for men and women keen on acquiring a less costly high-end defensive tackle due to the lack of alternative alternatives in the position.

94 overall Anthony Barr joins the fray as the Week 15 Team of your Week Hero, meaning potential players hoping to obtain the correct outside linebacker for their Team will either require to get mut coins from the auction property or full the "TOTW Boss" set by using Buckner and Mack.

Due to a superb blend of size and speed, Barr has been a foundational element to Madden Ultimate Team due to the fact his rookie season - a lot in order that he received an Out of Position card at robust safety just two weeks ago.

While that card won't obtain an upgrade by way of the Power-Up formula, Barr's 90 all round Most Feared card will, generating the Vikings linebacker simultaneously among the list of best, and most economical, solutions at ROLB.

Khalil Mack rounds out the additions this week, becoming the fourth Bears TOTW Hero or LTD released this season along with the second left finish, joining 92 general Akiem Hicks from Week 11.

Currently sitting on a 92 all round Most Feared card, Mack joins Barr as the two players to obtain an upgrade to their Halloween versions, but in contrast to his NFC North counterpart, Mack figures to be extremely high priced because of the high-priced nature of his two current upgrades.

December has been an excellent month for Chicago theme teams, because the Bears have received a total of four players with 95 overall cards and much more could be on the way using the vacation season nevertheless in full swing.

EA's blog did note that TOTW will take a one-week hiatus because of the holidays, combining with each other in the course of Week 17 to round out the multi-week promo.

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