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Fortnite Is Now Promoting The Old Scythe Plus the New Ghoul Trooper In the Retailer

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Fortnite fans will get a bit of a surprise when logging into the shop tonight. You'll find no featured epic or legendary Fortnite Items to be located, but instead a uncommon and uncommon that should have players drooling all of the same.

Initial and foremost we have the return of your classic scythe, initially paired with all the old college Skull Trooper which was also brought back this month for the Halloween season. Whilst the return of Skull Trooper along with the arrival of Skull Ranger did come with a brand new, updated scythe, absolutely everyone has been clamoring for the old one each of the very same, on account of its rarity, sound effects and the truth that you can cancel it mid-swing to mine slightly faster (which may have been patched by this point?). Needless to say, for 800 V-bucks, a ton of people today are going to be choosing it up right now.

Next we have the arrival of Male Ghoul Trooper, or what he's basically named, "Braniac." He's an uncommon skin since he's pretty much just a default skin re-colored to appear vaguely like a zombie, but honestly he shows no genuine signs of wear and tear, so he looks much more like the Unbelievable Hulk. He's meant to become a counterpart for the female Ghoul Trooper skin, which appears like someone badly painted zombie makeup on a default skin, but she is exceptionally rare, sold only final Halloween, so players want her to buy Fortnite Items and return each of the very same. With all the arrival in the old scythe, original Ghoul Trooper is now actually the only Halloween cosmetic not to reappear however, but due to the fact Epic enjoys printing cash, I doubt that we will escape her in the shop just before Fortnitemares is over.

Needless to say the point about bringing back all these lengthy lost rare items is that it kind of instantaneously destroys what created them so attractive within the initial place. Once everyone has Skull Trooper, the scythe and Ghoul Trooper, they're no longer uncommon relics of Fortnite that only OGs have (minus specific Skull Trooper coloring), they're just...type of under average skins. I imply that's fine, and I realize why Epic brings them back, but when they do, that mystique is gone.

I'll almost certainly be skipping both of these and saving my 1,600 V-bucks for 80% of a legendary Day from the Dead skin which should be coming out quickly. I am just not hooked by this "nostalgia" aspect for these super old and not-great skins/items, although I realize I am not the majority opinion with the 400 people today who comment "bring back X" under just about every Fortnite post on social media.

Are you picking up the scythe and Braniac? Let me know.

asked Dec 13, 2018 in holidays by sheliasmithson (3,620 points)  

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