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Cheap Newport Cigarettes For Sale building up monopoly

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in 2016, the Carton Newport 100s Price haikou city tobacco monopoly Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale USA agency were dealt with 810 sort smoke illegal cases, grabbed nearly 26. 0794 Newport 100s Cigarettes mil yuan, seized 3. 41387 million counterfeit cigarettes smuggled 649740 cigarettes, the station 1 . 91682 million smoking cigarettes, 2 . 4744 million yuan for the collected fines. Legal detention 23 people, police arrest 6 people, sentenced 36 individuals. Among them, 50000 yuan associated with above cases Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale has thirty four ZongNaHai network reporter 13, from haikou city cigarette monopoly bureau learned that because 2016, the agency will, in accordance with the tobacco monopoly bureau of hainan state and haikou municipal celebration committee, municipal government function deployment, actively strengthening the actual joint law enforcement, keep battling combat smuggling of high stress situation, the key to Cheap Newport Cigarettes For Sale building up monopoly management measures, cig market order maintenance, made remarkable achievements. In view of haikou's location in the north door of hainan province, energetic economic activities, frequent industrial exchanges and other characteristics, haikou tobacco monopoly bureau offers actively strengthened the responsibility regarding guarding soil and the monopoly function, and taken powerful measures to rectify as well as standardize the order from the cigarette market.

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