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Rams have a firm grip on NFC West into Week 6

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 I got some bad news for you Cheap Custom San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , and no it’s not that the San Francisco 49ers are a bad team that can’t even beat the winless Arizona Cardinals. The Los Angeles Rams won. Again. In Seattle. The NFC West duked it out this weekend with the Niners and Cardinals facing each other and then the aforementioned Rams/Seahawks contest. It’s not looking good. Let’s look at those standings. Los Angeles Rams/Seattle SeahawksFor once we are rooting for the Seahawks to slow the Rams down. Shouldn’t be too hard right? They are in Century Link Field after all. Well except that’s forgetting that the Seahawks aren’t very good this year. They put on a huge effort, but the Rams win shootouts and were able to walk out with a 33-31 win. What was strange is how the Seahawks offensive line held up against the Rams defense. It wasn’t awful (which is saying something), but even if it gave Russell Wilson some time not normally found, it still wasn’t enough. The Rams win puts them at 5-0 and a padlock on the NFC West for them. They blew out the same Cardinals team (with Sam Bradford at quarterback instead of Josh Rosen) that the 49ers struggled with and have also emerged from a shootout in Seattle to give them a firm hold of the division. The Seahawks meanwhile remain in second place. Nothing much more to say there other than wonder how Seattle lost at home. They also managed to beat the Cardinals with a last-second field goal in Week 4. San Francisco 49ers/Arizona CardinalsWe don’t need to go into specifics of this mess. There are two things that are certain after the 49ers’ loss Sunday: The Cardinals are in third place, while the 49ers are in last place. Things can change when the 49ers run into the Rams and Cardinals both to close out the first half of their schedule, but given the product on the field and the laundry list of injuries, it’s not looking too good. Meanwhile Nick Mullens 49ers Jersey , the Cardinals gained their first win of the season. In an away game. Against the 49ers. Into Week 6The Rams will be facing the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium in what should be a very interesting game for both defenses on the field. The Seahawks will be staying home heading to London to meet the Oakland Raiders in what could be a very winnable game for the Seahawks.The Cardinals head to Minnesota to face a Vikings team that has just come off a convincing win over the Philadelphia Eagles. The 49ers are going to prime time to face the Green Bay Packers. A team that is dealing with injuries and rebuilding issues of their own. 1st: Los Angeles Rams; Next: at Denver Broncos2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: Oakland Raiders (in London)3rd: Arizona Cardinals; Next: at Minnesota Vikings4th: San Francisco 49ers; Next: at Green Bay PackersThe 49ers will win/lose against the Chiefs if... I’ll be honest, finding a way on how the 49ers can beat the Chiefs seems impossible. Impossible because given the youth of this team, I just don’t think they can play the game required for being on the road against one of the most explosive offenses in the league thus far. That said, if the 49ers can win, this will be a major statement to the league. It also means the 49ers are even further along in rebuilding because they went into a top team’s house and beat them. Don’t count on it, but that will be the result. The truth is, Arrowhead is one of the loudest stadiums on the continent and it’s not easy to play with that noise as anyone who shares a rivalry with the Seattle Seahawks will tell you. The 49ers have a chane with this one Nick Mullens Jersey , but given what I’ve seen, it’s a very very small chance. The 49ers will win if...Hate to be vague, buterfection. The 49ers have all the tools to play perfect football, but with their youth, I don’t know if they know how to embrace those tools to do so. We’ve seen numerous mistakes and self inflicted wounds costing them against the Minnesota Vikings and almost burning them against the Detroit Lions. Passes have to be caught. Touchdowns have to be made. 3rd and twelves with the Chiefs offense can’t be converted. Garoppolo has to get the ball out quick while his line can guard.The 49ers cannot make mistakes. It’s a tall order for the youth of this team. Even worse when the thinning depth is getting tested with injuries.Outside of the Los Angeles Rams game, this may be the hardest game on the front half of the schedule. The only way the 49ers are getting out of here is with smart football on all phases of the game. No mistakes, no miscues Rookie Nick Mullens Jersey , perfection. They have the talent to do so. The 49ers will lose if...Patrick Mahomes can do whatever the hell he wants. We will have a separate post talking about what Mahomes may have to deal with, but with 10 touchdowns in two games, he needs to get a wakeup call. That starts with the pass rush (God forbid). If the 49ers allow Mahomes time in the pocket, that they allowed Matthew Stafford, it’s going to be a long nightmare. If, in addition, the 49ers can’t keep up with the Chiefs receivers and bat those passes away Rookie Nick Mullens Jersey , it’s pretty much all over. The Chiefs defense isn’t that great, but the offense can answer any successful drive the 49ers mount. It starts with Mahomes. If they can’t stop him even perfect football may not be enough with that talent in Kansas City. What do you think will be the reasons the 49ers will win/lose?

asked Nov 9, 2018 in where to go by liny195 (3,380 points)  

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