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BioWare Reveals the Fall Roadmap for Star Wars: The Old Republic

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The Fall Roadmap for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been posted to the official web-site that lays out the first information about what players can count on more than the following various months. A brand new story chapter, Jedi Under Siege, will "kick off with a bang around the ancient Jedi World" and can function both Republic and Imperial storylines. "We will see the return of many fan-favorite characters too as the introduction of some exciting new characters," the blog reads.

Other improvements and additions incorporate:

enhancements to weapons, armor, pvP, warzones, guild systems, decorations, Galactic Starfighter will continue on an ongoing basis
Master Mode Gods in the Machine slated for Game Update 5.10, with its arrival on PTS this month
the subsequent Tier of gear is going to be added (Tier 5) that may only be crafted from schematics
substantial improvements to the all round Guild expertise

Updates all through the fall have been particulars as to an approximate release window and what each 1 will include if all goes according to strategy.

As you've read more than the past few months, especially around the forums, we definitely do want to go over game modifications with you. We're listening and take your comments quite seriously. For example, the addition on the apartment-style Overlook within the Rishi Stronghold was directly an outcome of one's PTS input! We'll be communicating a lot of of your improvements planned for this Fall and can have an open dialog about what to anticipate. With no spoiling the storyline, we plan to produce gameplay features and modifications out there around the PTS, so we can make adjustments prior to the launch of Game Update 5.10.

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