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Not only can you buy Air Jordan 1 this year?

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Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,More than half of the time has passed since 2018. Looking back at the shoes I bought this year, I found that they are basically Nike and Air Jordan!What happened in the end, let Nike and Jordan Brand once again occupy the undisputed dominance of the sneaker market, and even the all-round tyrants of the entire sneaker market?Top joint name, classic replica, new color, in short, you can't help but save too much!Speaking of the joint name of the shoes, Nike is really not aimed at who! The combination of the two top fashion brands, OFF-WHITE and Supreme, has smashed all other brands. What's more, there are joint names of top fashion brands in various fields, which makes people listen to the blood.

OFF-WHITE x Nike has been the most powerful shoe series since last year, and even the super influence has left Yeezy behind.This year's "The Ten" instant incarnation "The Hundred", although the price has dropped a lot, but the current cheapest OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Fly is also two thousand.Speaking of Supreme x Nike, this year, in addition to the two pairs of three-way Air Force 1 and the retro style shoes that make people feel incompetent, there is no surprise for everyone. According to the convention, the second half of the year should bring more weight. Level of joint sneakers.

In addition to the two giants, there are also joint ventures with various fashion brands, Levi's, CDG, ACRONYM, UNDERCOVER, A-COLD-WALL*, PSNY... Do you think every pair wants? Although the volume is not large or even the limited sales,https://www.nikysport.com  but it can continue to bring a very considerable attention and influence.Although the retro style is still popular in the fashion field, but to be honest, everyone is not interested in the old shoes, but the sports style is more in line with the public aesthetic.Everyone buys shoes no longer only looks for appearance, and the requirements for comfort are getting higher and higher. Nike's latest cushioning technology React is very recommended, and the Nike Epic React launched at its core is not only superior in sports performance, but also in trendy wear. Also no problem at all. The React Element 87, which is also equipped with React cushioning, is even more surprising. The market price of the first white is directly increased to more than 3,000 yuan. If UNDERCOVER is jointly sold, it will be born with a pair of high-priced joint names.

The classic Air Max series also has new moves, launching the first pair of Air Max 270 for leisure sports positioning. The unique appearance and good foot feel make it very high in the street. In addition to the sales increase of the shoes themselves, Nike is this year. The new launch plan also greatly helped the rapid growth of performance.From the many new shoes that Nike launched in the first half of the year, it can be seen that limited shoes are becoming more and more, such as white and blue color matching Air Jordan 18, Air Max 1 / 97, silk broken AJ1, black mink AJ11, etc. Wait. Although the amount of this kind of shoes is not large, but the effect is the same as the joint shoes, the number of people who want to pay more attention to the natural waters.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,This year, not only has the most popular color matching in the Air Jordan, but also the volume of each pair is very large, almost all of which can be sold at the original price or slightly higher than the original price. This was never thought of before this year. Absolutely the happiest year for countless sneaker lovers! By next year, I believe that Jordan Brand will still maintain this momentum. At that time, Air Jordan 4 will celebrate its 30th anniversary, and the classic colors such as black and red and white will return!

There are also black and red AJ6 that both boys and girls love. The AJ11 that is engraved at the end of the year is also likely to be black and red. In addition to many of the most classic AJ generations in this year's re-enactment, the most popular Air Jordan 1 in the shoes this year is almost crazy, super-high attention color can not be said.Although the black and red toe is not small, but the popularity is too high, even now the off-season of the shoes, the market price is slowly rising, and the yin and yang AJ1 completely subverts Xiaobian's understanding of color matching!However, there may be more AJ1 waiting for you in the second half of the year. https://www.sportjordans.com Some people say that everyone is tired of aesthetics, but Xiaobian feels that they can't stop everyone's love for AJ1.

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